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We're a nonprofit organization striving to unify Chicago through entertainment, the arts, media, health and wellness. We are passionate about reinvesting within Chicago's community; specifically empowering youth and young adults.













the team


Meet our dynamic team members who are well experienced and more than committed to our community of Chicago.

Being born into a family of musicians and entrepreneurs, Jennifer, also know as “Jae” Davis, knew at a young age that she too would grace those worlds.  As a young girl from the Southside of Chicago, IL, Jennifer was a part of both singing and rap groups, in hopes that she would be someone respected by her peers for her writing skills and lyrical talent. At age 16, she became a part of “Redeemed Hip-Hop”, a gospel rap group that traveled throughout Illinois, professing their love to Christ through the art of rap.   When Jae turned 18, she attended Dillard University in New Orleans, LA where she studied music, marketing and her niche, business management.

In 2005, she started her first marketing/ promotions company, Deck'd Out Entertainment, where she partnered with other promoters and investors in the greater Atlanta area; landing events with A-B list entertainers and celebrities.  Later that year, she took on a project with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, promoting Bad Boys of Comedy Season 2; overseeing all promotions, event coordination, facilitation, and execution, at the AUC in Atlanta, GA. She later became Head Coordinator and Stage Producer with a well-known indie platform that housed some of the hottest names we hear today. 


In 2017 Jae formed an organization whose main focus is to create a solid foundation for youth from Chicago in the fields of entertainment, fashion, health & wellness, technology, entrepreneurship and the arts, to find their purpose and success in those industries. It is important for Jae to see her beloved city evolve in unity, love and economic growth. By November 2018, she did the unthinkable and brought Chicago’s biggest creatives all together on one stage for a variety show titled, ‘ThingzThatMakeUGoHmmm”.


“I am thankful and blessed and will continue to press forward on my road of wisdom, learning, teaching, success and Love.”

                                                                                                                      - Jennifer “Jae” Davis





Joshua is responsible for digital marketing, strategic development, and new business development in the growing markets for MBE procurement. Joshua is a 19 year veteran in the commercial office planning and furnishings industry. He teaches Entrepreneur Insight and Management to young adults in the Chicago Public Schools. He is a published author and contributor to many local small business entrepreneur organizations.


He has five years of experience working in a strategic partnership in the music industry and technology. He has strong business development skills and manages over $15 million in Obama Foundation, Rush Hospital, and UIC projects. He has seven years of experience in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid search, web analyst, email marketing, and content optimization. He is also a voting committee member of the NAACP and Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. 



Joanne “Gordon” Travis was born in Chicago and raised primarily in the Gresham neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago.  With a strong parent unit growing up, the mind for business and the importance of community was embedded in Joanne at a young age. Joanne had the blueprint for success! She attended the University of Illinois-Chicago as a Business major. 


After college, and a couple of brief stints in corporate positions, she landed at the American Bar Association, where she has built her career for the past 35 years. Joanne currently serves as Director of the ABA Antitrust Law Section, where she is responsible for the overall management of Section operations and staff; Section Officer and Council activities; Policy Matters, Amicus Briefs and Blanket Authority Requests; and all Budget and Finance activities.

Joanne is very passionate about helping people, especially the underprivileged, the underrepresented, and the marginalized; and is especially drawn to that constituency in her hometown Chicago, which is why she is committed to promoting and supporting WeAre1Chicago.


Arising from the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois is your favorite hometown gal that has proven nothing to be impossible is the “One and Only”, Pamela Blackman, the President and CEO of Joy Entertainment and Event Management, LLC. Dba Joy Management, Inc. 


Pamela Blackman graced the world with her talented presence on June 29th. She has been born and raised in Chatham “aka the South Side” of Chicago where she attended in her early years of elementary school at Ruggles Elementary School and later transitioning to high school at Lindblom Technical High School. It was after high school, that Pamela just knew she was destined for greatness. So, off to college she went, not lacking the least bit of motivation or determination, and that is what has made her unstoppable to this very day.





Nathanael K. Cole, a former student at Columbia College (Kennedy King), embodies the essence of a dynamic leader. Known for his exceptional organizational skills and boundless energy, he is recognized as a 'mover and shaker' within his community. From managing his high school's Girls Varsity Basketball Team to holding prominent roles in various organizations such as Peer Jury and Student Government, Nathanael has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to excellence from a young age.

Graduating as Senior Class President from John Marshall Harlan in 2007, Nathanael's journey has been marked by notable achievements. He has been a pivotal figure in impactful programs like TrueStar and has showcased his talents in media and promotions through roles at Clear Channel Communications and KaMillion World Management. His passion extends beyond professional realms as he actively participates in community initiatives, including rallies against violence and youth advisory boards. Currently serving as the Business Specialist for the WNBA's Chicago Sky and spearheading his own Marketing and Production Firm, Nathanael epitomizes the essence of a modern-day Renaissance Leader, capable of achieving greatness in diverse fields.