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We're currently looking for bright and creative individuals to join our Internship Program for 2022 Spring & Summer Semesters! We have Micro-Internships (1 month) and Long-term Internships (3-6 months) available. Click here to apply today!


How 2 Heal Day is a program to teach the Chicago community how to heal from past trauma.To kick off our program, we started with our first annual event in August 2021, called How 2 Heal Day. This event encompassed a variety of section leaders who hosted small groups in their area of expertise within different areas of therapy. Such as, adventure therapy, art therapy, holistic therapy and traditional therapy. Our goal is to develop derivatives of How 2 Heal Day into a tour within Chicago Public School (CPS), a break house and continue hosting an annual all

encompassing How 2 Heal Day. 

ThingzThatMakeUGoHmmm is a program that was specifically created to raise money for the younger comedians and entertainers in the Chicagoland area.This show will highlight the creativity, the humor and talents of our young Chicago natives, giving you 1 hour of pure entertainment!

The Loop is an entertainment and interview series that showcases upcoming artists. We provide a platform for creatives to share their latest visual content, trivia games/prizes for viewers and an opportunity for you to donate to an artist’s next project. We partner with different organizations in the Chicagoland area to fundraise for noble causes that support our community.

I Love The 90s Millennium Virtual Show, is a tribute showcase to artists from 1990-2005. Hosted by Greg Owens, Dedrick D. Banks Gray, & SJ Williams. Performances by various artists from episode 1-5! We have partnered up with WeAre1CHICAGO and ThingzThatMakeUGoHmmm to assist these artists and the production team during COVID-19. The audience can literally donate to these artists directly through CashApp to show support and win prizes. 

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