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Give Back Junkie's (GBJ’s) was created to help WeAre1CHICAGO raise money for its programs created to provide for the youth and young adult creatives in the Chicagoland area.


We all see a lot of the issues that are taking place in Chicago. a lot of unnecessary drama and violence is overtaking the city. what’s happening in Chicago is spreading throughout the country and it is important that we do everything we can now before there is no turning back. our goal is to create opportunities and resources for the youth and young adults in Chicago which is the blueprint and will later move across the country to duplicate in communities where this type of help is needed.


Our youth is focused on entertainment so our focus is on entertainment to make sure we are supporting and nurturing or future. Our programs cover:

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Technology

  • Arts

  • Health & Wellness

There are programs that have already been designed and a few of them executed that will help the youth have support and resources to push their dreams and creative visions. Our programs are designed to position the creative to teach the creative to provide opportunities for the creative to connect the creative to a net work and to help the creative understand self healing and the power of unity in the community.


Every GBJ that is bought will also come with apparel from a local designer in Chicago that is a part of the change And also plays a position on helping the youth and young adults in Chicago. Every GBJ that is bought will help a young creative in Chicago make a better decision which will lead to a better tomorrow.

To see more about our programs please visit our website

The GBJ's was created for those who love to give to serve and unite our youth, our communities and our world. Our hearts are full and we always wish we could do more or had more time to give, well ,together, we can admit to being GBJ's and here’s a way to prove it! Donation for your NFT you'll receive the following: 

  • Receive NFT

  •  Designer apparel

  • GBJ Certificate (Give Your GBJ a name)

  • Exclusive access to an email list of selective events in entertainment, fashion, the arts and health & wellness in the United States.

  • 501c3 tax exempt

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