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Meet Edmund Buck

Everyone has a story, but how you tell it is what matters most. Here, Edmund Buck is a great example of how you can use the hardships you encounter through life to inspire and uplift others.

Moreover, as a mentor at the StoryCatchers Theatre in Chicago, he helps youth to find their voices through performance and storytelling. Buck, in addition to the rest of the StoryCatchers Theatre, assists young adults who have re-entered society from court-involvement with writing and engaging in performance curriculum. Additionally, they receive job-readiness and life skills critical to success after transitioning from StoryCatchers to education opportunities or full-time employment. 

StoryCatchers’ Theatre also hosts empathy workshops with Chicago Police Department recruits to help forge stronger relationships between CPD and Chicago’s youth. Lastly, this organization holds community performances in CPS schools that include an ensemble-guided, interactive discussion with audiences to process the real-life stories and discuss positive alternatives made by characters in the show. To learn more about him and this organization's work, check out their website:

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