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Alternatives, Inc.


Alternatives, Inc. is a nonprofit that empowers youth in Chicago to create safe communities through youth development programs and behavioral health services. Also, they act as a comprehensive, multi-cultural youth development organization that annually serves over 3,000 Chicagoans. Since its founding, its mission focuses on personal development, strengthening family relationships, and enhancing the community’s well-being. Moreover, they have programs that are designed to enrich youth by building upon individual strengths within the context of their family and community. Lastly, they offer accessible programs that increase young people’s opportunities to succeed and grow in their communities.

Impact and Programs

As of 2020, Alternatives supports youth between the ages of 10 and 24 and their families citywide public schools and youth centers. Members of this organization are also extremely diverse, where 55% of them identify as African American, 28% Latino, 7% Multi-Racial, 6% Asian, and 4% Caucasian. This diversity allows them to conduct programs that allow participants to employ a multitude of unique skills and connect deeply. Lastly,

their programs also use evidence-informed practices to provide a support system to reduce risk-factors, build protective factors, and ensure that youth can experience positive change in their lives.

Learn more about them here:

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