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Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal

WeAre1Chicago has hit the ground running this month to make sure we reach our fundraising goal! We are looking to obtain $60,000 to support our programs! To help us reach our goal, please go to our donations tab or scroll towards the bottom of the homepage and click on our Indiegogo Fundraiser link.

In addition to our fundraiser, we also have been on the search for WeAre1Chicago Brand Ambassadors. To qualify you must be between 12-27 years old. You must have 2,000 or morse followers. And you must be located in Chicago. If you're interested, send us an email at

Now, we hope you don't think that we are letting you walk away with any perks!

Donation Perks:

  1. A $50 donation = A Candle

2. A $100 Donation = A WeAre1Chicago Face Mask or T-shirt

3. A $250 Donation = A WeAre1Chicago Hoodie or T-shirt with a Face Mask

4. A $500 Donation = A WeAre1Chciago Bomber Jacket

Brand Ambassador Perks:

  1. Tax Write Off For Accrued Expenses While Volunteering.

2. Free WeAre1Chicago Apparel

3. The Ability To Give Back To Your Community

WeAre1Chicago is happy to have you as a part of our team!

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