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Music Unites


Music Unites is a non-profit charity dedicated to promoting academic and lifetime achievement for at-risk public school students. To do this, they support the creation of unique music and provide education partnerships and programs to their students. Additionally, they offer free after-school music programs to youth through and provide monthly workshops that promote career and college readiness. Through their programs, they are also able to help educate and guide youth toward planning and achieving responsible goals for their future. By doing this, Music Unites actively highlights the talents of their students while encouraging performers to express themselves by providing audiences, venues, and special performance opportunities. At the same time, Music Unites also works to enrich the listening experience of the public with performances from aspiring artists covering a broad range of genres. Lastly, they partner with music stars, celebrity ambassadors, and music sponsors to promote music projects and events at local schools. Specifically, some of their ambassadors include Swizz Beats, John Forte, Sting, Gary Clark Jr., and more.

To learn more about them, head over to their website here:

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