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Bright Promises Foundation

The Bright Promises Foundation has spent the last 150 years helping to make immediate and long-lasting improvements to the lives of disadvantaged children and families.


Bright Promises Foundation is one of Illinois's oldest public charities designed to support programs dedicated to helping alleviate issues for at-risk children in Chicago. Over several decades, the organization has flourished immensely through research and collaboration with leading children’s experts to find the best ways to meet the needs of children that are under-recognized and underfunded. Moreover, their team of experts assists in fundings innovative grants and programs that make immediate and long-lasting improvements for disadvantaged families.

Also, the organization's impact does stop there. Bright Promises Foundations continues to work in the areas other funders haven’t reached by creating unique approaches to important emerging issues that allow them to make strategic investments in organizations that are doing trail-blazing work. By doing this, the organization is then able to promote new programs that are guaranteed to improve the lives of children by ensuring brighter futures. Lastly;y, their programs are meant to have a lasting impact on youth, as Bright Promises implements assessments and evaluations as needed to focus on outcomes for children. Ultimately, using this approach has allowed Bright Promises to help inspire and fund numerous organizations that help to fuel the dreams of thousands of children throughout Chicago.

Read more about them and their impact here:

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