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Changing Worlds

This organization helps its community by fostering inclusive communities through creative writing and art programs that improve student learning and enhance cross-cultural understanding.


Changing World's origin is linked to a photography/oral history documentation project in 1996 that merged with The Shanti Foundation for Peace in 2011 to expand the organization's programming. Specifically, they included arts-based peace and non-violence program, then eventually expanded their musical programs by creating the Foundations of Music in 2019.

To this day, Changing Worlds uses their programs as a way to commit to Chicago's youth by employing dedicated staff seeking to promote positive youth development, arts integration, trauma-informed arts practices, and learner-centered approaches that lead to measurable outcomes. Additionally, the organization prioritizes social justice issues through thematic programs that inform students of how to appropriately respond to these issues as young members of society.

Lastly, Changing Worlds use their programs to reinforce the need for cross-cultural connections and amplify the voice of students to celebrate the different ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, they heavily emphasize incorporating diveristy in all aspects of their work to show the importance of inclusion in their organization's values and members.

To learn more about them, check them out here:

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