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Chicago Fashion Incubator

Are you interested in becoming a fashion designer? If so, take some time to learn about the Chicago Fashion Incubator. This is an organization that helps young adults interested in fashion develop their ideas while teaching them techniques to become successful leaders.

This non-profit organization was initially established in August 2008, with a mission dedicated to ensuring talented Chicago-based designers would have the resources, skills, and mentors necessary to start their careers. Moreover, with experienced staff and board members, the organization is able to a plethora of programs that combine design education with business enterprises. For example, their Designer-in-Residency program was created for fashion business start-ups ho need the technology and production equipment to design, and market their products. In addition to this program, CFI also hosts several informative public seminars, workshops, panels, labs, and informational tours. Their efforts continue to promote the overall success of young adults and fuel the passions of those seeking to make a difference in the world with their art. To learn more about, check them out here:

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