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CHIME: Chicago Center for Music Education

Meet Chime: an organization that helps children develop self-confidence, self-expression, craftsmanship, creativity, and empathy through music, while also using the language as a means of improving quality of life for children with diverse abilities.


Initially founded as the Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians in 1981, CHIME first launched classes for 15 families that implemented a unique curriculum. By 1986, the company expanded its goal to make music education available to children in Chicago by establishing partnerships with many Chicago Public Schools. Lastly, by 2014, they began doing business as the Chicago Center for Music Education (ChiME).

Their programs and music therapy services impact nearly 3,000 children every year at their location in West Town and ten partner organizations. Furthermore, approximately 20% of the children served have diverse learning abilities and over 50% of the children are economically disadvantaged. To accommodate such individuals, CHIME has a Diverse Abilities program, Early Childhood and Classroom Music programs, and an Instrumental program​. Lastly, this organization places an enormous emphasis on greater inclusion by uniting children with diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds, and economic circumstances through their programs. As they move forward and progress as a company, they continue to use their passions and desires to celebrate diversity and put an end to racism and hatred.

To learn more about their mission and opportunities they are offering, check out their website out here:

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