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Hoda Katebi: A Fashionista With a Mission

Meet Hoda Katebi, a unique fashion icon who intertwines her love for fashion with her passion for empowering women of color who face systematic oppression in America.

Based in Chicago, the 23-year old is the co-founder of Blue Tin Production, an apparel manufacturing company ran by workers representing immigrants, refugees, and working-class women of color. The company’s central message uses fashion to promote the systematic change of governments advocating oppression without the use of fast-fashion. Moreover, Hoda’s impact extends further through her activism, which focuses heavily on campaigns dedicated to anti-racism, ending surveillance programs, and terminating police militarization.

Hoda Katebi is of the thousands of young, talented individuals who use their interests to contribute to the betterment of society. She acts as an amazing role model to individuals of all backgrounds by showing that activism can be done in any form!

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