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Horizons for Youth

Horizons for Youth inspires all students seeking to further their education to challenge themselves academically and explore opportunities for their future careers.


Horizons for Youth is an organization dedicated to helping children recognize and achieve their full potential. Specifically, they provide need-based tuition scholarships, one-on-one mentoring, and enrichment outings for students interested in advancing their academic careers.

Founded in 1990, HFY was built on the idea of children's success through having a quality education from an early age, a strong adult support system, and exposure to the larger community. Over 30 years, later, this organization continues to show that properly supporting children of all demographics results in them achieving true academic success. For HFY, their staff is committed to helping hardworking students who strive to do their best and dedicate themselves to their future careers.

Their Programs

Horizons for Youth provides several amazing resources for students who seek to further their education. Some of these programs include need-based tuition scholarships,

1:1 mentoring and tutoring, summer academic programs, and enrichment outings. Additionally, HFY also works with students to prepare them for high school and college and with completing college and financial aid applications. Ultimately, through these programs, Horizons For Youth continues to help hundreds of students flourish into intelligent young adults who are ready to face the challenges of their environments.

If you are interested in their mission, be sure to read more about them here:

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