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Behind every great initiative, there is a great mind, and this great mind is only getting started!

On July 20, 1984, Jennifer “Jae”Davis was born into a family of musicians and entrepreneurs, in Chicago, IL. From a young age that she too showed interest those worlds, being part of both a singing and a rap group with peers from her hometown. When Jennifer turned 18, she attended Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, where she studied music, marketing and her niche, which is business management.

"I am grateful and blessed and will continue to press forward on my road of wisdom, learning, teaching, success and love.”

-­ Jennifer “Jae” Davis

A Rising Success

In 2005, Jae started her first marketing/promotion company in the greater Atlanta area, Deck'd Out Entertainment, where later that year, she took on a project with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, overseeing all promotions, event coordination and execution of Bad Boys of Comedy Season 2.

With a growing passion and dedication to the industry, in 2010, Jae finally decided to launch her own management company, JaeCManagement Services, where her clients ranged from a popular shoe designer and top a 100 Billboard charting singer, to VH1 reality TV co-­stars and more.


In 2017, Jae and client DJ Phantom out of Chicago, IL, formed WeAre1Chicago which main focus is to create a solid foundation for the youth from Chicago in the fields of entertainment, fashion, sports, culinary, entrepreneurship and the arts to find its place in those industries. It is important for Jennifer that she is involved with seeing her beloved city evolve in unity, love and economic growth.

Present and Future

Today, Jae Davis is event coordinator and producer with RollingOut as well as a producer of live stages, creative content and events with her own company, JaeCo Productions. Being blessed with a family who honors GOD, and friends whom support her dreams, Jennifer is destined for heights that even her eyes have not seen. Excited for the future and thankful for the past, Jennifer is soaring into her now endeavors, believing that her purpose is her path, and she is ready for her journey.

From music videos creative director to profound celebrities event coordinator, Jennifer has been blessed to work in an industry where she feels she isn’t working at all, just living in purpose.

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