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My Block, My Hood, My City


My Block, My Hood, My City is an organization that helps underprivileged youth gain an awareness of the world and while exploring novel opportunities. Specifically, they design programs STEM, Arts & Culture, Citizenry & Volunteerism, Health, Community Development, Culinary Arts, and Entrepreneurism. Also, the organization instills a set of core values in its participants that stresses interconnectivity, empathy, hope, and civic responsibility.

In addition, My Block, My Hood, My City encourages all to explore, experience, and evolve within their community. To do this, At My Block, My Hood, My City provides opportunities for others to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines to gain a greater understanding of the world. They also encourage others to immerse themselves in new experiences and seek new knowledge to expand their networks. Lastly, they help youth to realize that they need to take responsibility for their communities. As it is through their efforts of service, empathy, and collaboration that will lead to their community's growth.

Learn more about them here:

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