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MYTT: Mentoring Youth Through Technology


Mentoring Youth Through Technology was founded by Randle Carter, a native Chicagoan from East Garfield Park community on Chicago’s West Side, an area that is known for crime, gang, and drug activity. Moreover, Carter was fortunate enough to help him succeed as a youth when he faced academic challenges and socio-economic pressures. They realized how protecting him was necessary to prevent him from going into a lifestyle most youths in the community found to be inescapable.

As a young adult, with support from his parents and others in his community, Carter eventually began a technology consulting business while managing several large projects. With time, his work led to channel his passion for technology and exposing youth to opportunities into creating MYTT. The nonprofit is dedicated to shifting the next generation from technology consumers to innovators by helping them become entrepreneurs and inventors of technology; and to significantly impact the success of companies, products, and brands. Also, the brand encourages youth to act as leaders of innovative exploration and use technology as a tool of aspiration.

Currently, Mentoring Youth Through Technology seeks to inspire, educate, and mentor our youth with the use of technology through their programs. Such programs offer training in Robotics, Coding, Game Development, 3D animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Application Development, Network Engineering, Computer Hardware aimed towards thousands of youth throughout Chicago. Lastly, the organization also offers Robotic workshops, Robotic Clubs, STEAM summer camps, STEAM expos, enhanced after-school STEAM programs, annual Youth Technology conferences, and Engineering After School Program, and a Young Entrepreneurship Program.

To learn more about the specifics of these programs, check out their website here:

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