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Obama's Speech to Young Adults

Here's a #FlashbackFriday of Barack Obama's speech addressing young adults in London. His speech focuses on the need for youth to reject pessimism and accept changes that require struggle, discipline, and compromise.

In 2016, Barack Obama gave a speech at a town hall meeting in London for young adults. At this meeting, he encouraged urged young people to reject the negativity surrounding and, instead, intentionally seek out those who have different beliefs to make changes and compromise in the world. Besides, he went on to ask them “to reject the notion there are forces [young people] can’t control. As JFK said, our problems are manmade and can be solved by man.” By stating this, his words of wisdom heavily focus on finding strength and security during times of despair. Furthermore, Obama's speech sheds light on the need to accept those who are different to gain more knowledge about aspects of life that may be foreign to you. Ultimately, we can consider Obama's speech as an inspiration to challenge societal norms, persevere in the face of adversity, and promote peaceful living.

Watch some of the highlights of his speech here:

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