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Skool of Skills, Inc.


Skool of Skills, Inc. is a Chicago sport and educational non-profit focused on providing positive influences through recreational and academic activities for inner-city youth. They desire to better Chicago communities and their inhabitants by assisting to meet the basic needs of the families they impact. Additionally, Skool of Skills, Inc. prides itself on being an organization that promotes justice, fairness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and service. They continually form partnerships with families and communities in the Chicago area to create a safe and peaceful place for youth.

Furthermore, Skool of Skills also offers an impressive after-school program that focuses on teaching life skills in a safe and comfortable environment and emphasizing career/business skills such as career exploration and job development. Additionally, this setting allows youth to build trusting, confidential, and mentorships with staff. Through these efforts, they desire to provide Chicago educational and sports programs designed to develop learning proficiency and to cultivate the values and perspectives of educated citizens. Lastly, Skool of Skill wants to challenge their young participants of Chicago to develop their skills, intellectual interests, and creative abilities to promote an appreciation for growth and find a lifelong commitment and enthusiasm for learning.

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