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Sky Art

Sky Art is a nonprofit organization that offers visual art programs to young people in South Chicago to stimulate intellectual, emotional, and social growth within their community


SkyArt (originally South Chicago Art Center) began in 2001 with one teacher and 18 students in a small rented studio. The organization has since blossomed and is still committed to providing youth with quality programming in a safe, accessible space. Specifically, SkyArt uses art as a method for learning and discovery for students who need the opportunity to develop and demonstrate personal expression and independence. Also, the organization acts as a community that helps forge personal connections and engagement amongst participants that allow them to create meaningful friendships with like-minded peers.

Their Programs:

SkyArt's programs heavily emphasize"holistic, social-emotional learning (SEL) centered learning" that teaches students life skills rooted in creativity and emotional intelligence to counter any trauma or pain they are personally experiencing. Moreover, these programs touch on three areas: studio work, school-related projects, communal projects, and virtual programs. Read more about these programs here:


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