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The Blue Gargoyle

The Blue Gargoyle is an organization that serves as a hub for community services to provide positive opportunities for youth and families on the Southside of Chicago.


Founded in 1968, Blue Gargoyle Youth Services what created at University Church Chicago by divinity students seeking to improve the communal aspect of their campus. To create a true community, the students' dreams first began with the creation of a coffeehouse that would turn into counseling services, an adult literacy program, and an arts incubator for jazz, house, and hip-hop. In recent years, the organization continues to help their community thrive by responding to security throughout Chicago neighborhoods attributed to a violence epidemic. Specifically, the Blue Gargoyle serves members of their community creating opportunities for youth disconnected from work, school, family, or basic social services

Their Programs

The Blue Gargoyle maintains relations with several organizations that assist them in orchestrating programs that align with their values. Moreover, such programs are designed with the intent of teaching a skill that will have functional use while connecting participants to a peer network and future opportunities. Some of their most popular programs include:

- Youth Repertory Theater Troupe: a 7- week program led by singer Maggie Brown for talented youth who seek to strengthen their ability to publically performance.

- Speak Life Open Mic Series: a program for young poets, rappers, singers, musicians, comedians, and dancers to speak their truth and grow their art in a safe and affirming space.

- Chef 101: Kitchen Program: a paid, 6-week apprenticeship for young adults (age 16-24) that offers certificate-level food training and work experience, a set curriculum, and future job placement services.

For more information about them, check out their website here:

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