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The Musical Arts Institute

Meet the Musical Arts Institute—a great organization for underserved youth seeking an opportunity to receive musical instruction from professional musicians dedicated to inspiring change.


The Musical Arts Institute was first founded in January 2010 by Bassist and Music Educator, Michael Manson, and his wife Lana, who have more than 30 years of musical experience combined. Mr. Manson's desire to create the institute largely stemmed from a calling to give back to the South Lafayette community and create role models for youth lacking figures to look up to.

To this day, he and his wife continue to serve the city of Chicago by designing a team of professional musicians and educators to provide exceptional music instruction and inspire leadership for the youth they work with. Specifically, they teach CPS students along with other students from large African American communities that lack access to advanced music instruction. Additionally, the couple also seeks to teach every student well enough to sure that they can compete for music-related scholarships and pursue professional careers in music in the future.

Learn more about the music lessons they are offering right now here:

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