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Tour Chicago from your Couch

Being inside all day can drive even the most introverted to madness. If you miss the sights and sounds of Chicago, here are some movies that predominantly feature the city to make you feel like you’re out there exploring again.

The Blues Brothers – This classic from 1980 has some iconic Chicago locations like Chez Paul Restaurant and Richard J. Daley Plaza. Although some of the locations have changed or been lost to time, this is a must-see for the Chicago enthusiast.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – John Hughes’ timeless movie about high school students discovering the wonders of the city is the ideal Chicago touring movie. With scenes in the Art Institute of Chicago, Sears Tower, and Wrigley Field, Chicago feels just a screen away.

High Fidelity – Jumping forward a couple of decades, High Fidelity shows an early 2000’s view of Chicago. See scenes from the movie play out in The Green Mill, the Music Box Theatre, and more!

Home Alone – For a more Christmassy Chicago look no further than the unforgettable Home Alone. Though most of the film takes place inside of the main character’s home, some undeniable Chicago appears throughout the film like the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

If this list has made you want to watch more Chicago-based films, check out this list of Top 40 Movies Filmed in Chicago!

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