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"We All Live Here"

We Are 1 Chicago is thankful for artist Rich Alapack, who uses street art as a means to spread messages of inclusivity and positivity throughout Chicago!


Founded in 2015, We All Live Here is a movement that employs the power of creativity to bring more awareness to communal love and support amongst neighbors through Chicago. Additionally, they have programs, such as their ACT Program, that allow them to collaborate with schools, parks, libraries, and community groups to promote positivity, inclusivity, and diversity amongst young children. By doing this, We All Live Here helps teach youth how to reject hatred and cherish each other through projects that use art, community, and technology as a way of expression. Ultimately, We All Live here is a great example of an organization that uses creativity to create curiosity and confidence amongst its students.

Also, be sure to head over to their website and listen to their amazing Tedx Talk at Columbia College Chicago here:

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