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Your Vote, Your Voice.

Though voting can be intimidated for younger demographics, we have advice on how you can confidently use your voice to change the world.

In previous decades, voter turnout among young generations of individuals in the United States has more often than not made up the smallest percentage of votes for most primary elections. However, with a political climate influenced by young men and women who seek liberation and lasting social reforms that percentage is quickly changing. For example, did you that in 2019, Chicago voters between the ages of 18 and 24 had a three percent increase in voter turnout during the primary elections compared to 2015? How can we as young adults strive to make this number even higher as the end of the 2020 approaches?

For one, we can make sure our voices are heard by going out to vote. Additionally, Chicago-based organizations like Chicago Votes, Rock the Vote, and the Alliance for Youth Action all provide several opportunities and programs designed to strengthen young people’s political participation. By devoting time to exploring many of the programs these organizations have to offer, you will gain a greater understanding of the political policies governing your communities. Moreover, you will learn how your actions can support or change these policies in the future. Specifically, actions such as volunteering for campaigns you are passionate about, signing petitions for causes that affect your local communities, and creating media dedicating to inform the public on the importance of voting are all great ways to stay and engaged and educated.

Remember, though you may only have one vote, your vote reflects your desires, concerns, and involvement in how the government can function to serve you best. Lastly, never forget that your vote has the power to represent a country that you are proud to be apart of and contribute to.

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